Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lunch at Johnny Rockets in Dadeland Mall

Ah, Johnny Rockets, that bastion of 1950's nostalgia, when even the word "vegan" was newfangled falderol. Who would have thought they'd have a delicious veggie burger?

Surprisingly, though Johnny Rockets may not have the world's largest vegan selections (the "Streamliner" is their one and only choice), they have something perhaps even better: 100% full disclosure of all of their ingredients on their website. You don't have to wonder if their veggie burger is vegan (many veggie burgers elsewhere contain egg whites), or ask a server who may not even know what that means. They tell you right there on their website. Kudos to you, Johnny Rockets! And do bring back the accidentally vegan apple pie.

Here is my delicious Streamliner with fries, ordered just as it is on the menu, no subs needed:

Sorry I had already taken a bite of it. I was so freaking hungry I forgot I was going to do a blog. One always wonders about the fries; are they fried in the same vat of oil as the meat? Johnny Rockets says no, and sometimes you just have to trust.

This is one of the tastiest veggie burgers around, and the fries are awesome, thick and creamy, not those heinous stiff fries you get at other places. The burger is a decent size, and the fries generous enough to share.

Plus of course they have a full menu for the carnivores. Here is my uncle Arturito enjoying a chocolate milkshake:

Dadeland Mall is actually not so bad. The food court also has Daily Bread, a Mediterranean spot, and some Thai food I have not investigated yet. Outside the food court is The Cheesecake Factory, which also, believe it or not, has more than a few decent vegan options. Aroma has soy milk for your coffee and some light vegan eats. Plus fancy shopping? Not too shabby.

So, to recap, Johnny Rockets gets an A+ for the Streamliner and fries, and the super-easy full disclosure website. About the only thing they could do better is offer some soy milk shakes. You can visit them at many locations in Miami, though sadly a few have closed down recently. Find one at

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